Milk is $5 per half gallon sold under a Georgia Pet Milk License. Jars are expensive, so we ask a $2 refundable deposit on each jar. The milk  is flowing around here. We have plenty available for pickup on the farm. We are closed Tuesdays.

Please contact us to schedule pickup.‚Äč


We are committed to producing high quality fresh goat milk. By keeping our herd small, we are able to closely monitor all of our animals. They are fed a diet of peanut hay, chaffhaye, and a dairy goat ration. 

Does are milked twice a day by machine. The milk is strained into sterilized  half gallon jars and spends two hours in the freezer before being moved to a very cold fridge.

Milk samples are sent to Langston University monthly for testing.

Milk & Eggs


$5 per dozen.

Eggs do not get more free range than these. Our hens find most of their own food.

About three years ago, we'd forgotten to feed the birds and noticed that they still had full crops when they went back to the coop at night. We decided to experiment. We cut out the layer pellets. The hens get a couple scoops of scratch grains each day- more or less depending on the weather. On their new diet, we saw no decrease in production or the hens' condition. They just have to work for their room and board!

Eggs are always in high demand. Email us to reserve yours.  Occasionally, we have duck eggs available. $5/ half dozen.