We are committed to producing high quality fresh goat milk. By keeping our herd small, we are able to closely monitor all of our animals. They are fed a diet of peanut hay, chaffhaye, and a dairy goat ration. 

Does are milked twice a day by machine. The milk is strained into sterilized  half gallon jars and spends two hours in the freezer before being moved to a very cold fridge.

Milk samples are sent to Langston University monthly for testing.

Milk is $6 per half gallon sold under a Georgia Pet Milk License. Jars are expensive, so we ask a $2 refundable deposit on each jar. The milk  is flowing around here. We have plenty available for pickup on the farm.

Please contact us to schedule pickup.‚Äč

Milk & Eggs


$5 per dozen.

Eggs do not get more free range than these.