Liberty Ridge Hole in One $650

See "Bubba's page for more info

Hammock Haven Peach $400 Sale Pending

Hammock Haven Ginger- $450

Cowboy $300 SOLD

Fall 2018 Breeding Plans

Bred Date/Due Date
Island Creek Saga d’Argent
Hammock Haven Titan

AI Rockin-CB RZ Huoshan
Backup Lucky*Star's ME Henning

First buck retained off AI.
First doe and 2nd buck reserved

If live bred: Kids $600
Kastdemur's Tumultuous Ride

First buck retained

Kids $650
Three Bridges PP Posey
Hammock Haven Titan

Doelings $575
Bucklings $500

Doelings $500

Hammock Haven Evelyn
AI Kastdemur's Valegro
Backup Titan
First AI doe retained
Doelings $500
Bucklings $450
Hammock Haven Katlyn
Lucky*Star's GE Harbin

First doe retained
Doelings $550
Bucklings $550
Hammock Haven Marguerite
Kastdemur's Tumultuous Ride

Kids $550

Junior Does:

Hammock Haven Petra

Kastdemur's Tumultuous Ride

Doelings $500 
Kastdemur's Tumultuous Ride (possibly Titan)

Doelings $500
Kastdemur's Tumultuous Ride (Possibly Harbin)

First doe retained
Kids: $500
Hammock Haven Sophie (experimental)
Lucky*Star's GE Harbin

First doe retained
Kids $400
Lucky*Star's GE Harbin

Kids $450


For Sale $450

For Sale $400

For Sale

The herd is growing by leaps and bounds! We will be taking reservations this year to help keep our numbers under control. 

Kids may be reserved with a $100 deposit. The balance is due 10 days after notification of birth. If your first choice kid does not become available and a suitable substitute is not available, we will refund your deposit. No refunds will be given for canceled orders.

Kids need to be picked up within 14 days of notification. We can arrange for boarding at $5 per day if you need more time. All kids will be disbudded and tattooed. Our herd is CAE negative, but due to different management practices when they leave here, we cannot guarantee CAE status on kids.

Email us at or find us on Facebook at Hammock Haven Farm.