Three Bridges TP Whiskey Baron  For Sale $550

Young Sire Development Program

His daughters have freshened with beautiful mammaries and tons of milk. We keep going back and forth on selling him, but we have him in the tank and can't  keep all these bucks. 

Hammock Haven Ellafaire- For Sale $400

Ella is another long, strong Bubba daughter. Wish we could keep them all. 

Spring 2017 breeding chart Updated 3/18/17:

Liberty Ridge Hole In One (Bubba)
Kidded 2 bucks/ 1 doe 2/5/17
Buckling (no papers) $100
Lucky*Star's ME Henning
Kidded 2 does/ 1 buck 2/7/17
Doeling available $550 Sale Pending

Autumn-Acres Tandras Chance
Kidded doe/buck twins 3/2/17

Kidded Single doe 3/7/17
Doeling retained

Due 3/28/17

Lucky*Star's ME Henning
Kidded 1buck/ 1 doe 2/6/17
Buckling sold
Doeling retained
Three Bridges PP PoseyBubba
Kidded 1 buck/ 1 doe
Buckling sold
Doeling retained
Due 5/2017

Hammock Haven Evelyn
Lucky*Star's LX Hank
Kidded Two does 2/24/17
Doeling $400
Livin My Dream LR Caddie Shack
Lucky*Star's GE Harbin
June 2017?

SG Island Creek Saga D'Argent (Alpine)
Kidded 3 bucks/ 1 doe 2/4/17
1 doe $600 Sale Pending
1 buck sold
2 bucks available $400 

 *Bucks from first fresheners will not be available until I am able to assess their dams' udders.

Hammock Haven Tiki- $550 Sold

Mint*Leaf Kami x Lucky*Star's ME Henning

This girl's pedigree is covered up in Excellent mammaries and loads of milk. Her dam received an E in mammary as a first freshener. She is line bred on some nationally competitive animals including The Preference Flyer (2x National Reserve Champion) and Altrece Cosmopolitan (Sire of 2016 National Champion). We are retaining her sister. 

We are not taking reservations on lamancha doelings this year. Kids and milkers will be available after we have had a chance to evaluate them. Please contact us if you would like to be put on our interest list. Kids and milkers are offered first come/first serve to people on the list before being advertised for sale.

Kids may be reserved with a $100 deposit. The balance is due 10 days after notification of birth. If your first choice kid does not become available and a suitable substitute is not available, we will refund your deposit. No refunds will be given for canceled orders.

Kids need to be picked up within 14 days of notification. We can arrange for boarding at $5 per day if you need more time. All kids will be disbudded and tattooed. Our herd is CAE negative, but due to different management practices when they leave here, we cannot guarantee CAE status on kids.

Email us at or find us on Facebook at Hammock Haven Farm. 

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2017 Breeding Chart