Liberty Ridge  Hole In One

"Bubba" has an impressive pedigree. His dam, Sammy Jo, is one of my favorite does with E's and V's in every category and an overall score of 91. Pictures don't do her justice. 

Bubba's sire just appraised 90 VEE at age 3. His Sire's Dam, Heart Mt Annika 90 VEEE 4*M finished her championship as a yearling milker. His half sisters, both maternal and paternal, have multiple Grand and Best in Show wins to their names. 

We brought him in with a mind to put some strength on our girls and improve general appearance.  We are so pleased with his daughters and how he is maturing (especially his front-end, escutcheon, and rump), we used him even more in 2016. 

He puts a lot of length to body and rump. Even with the extra length, they are still deep bodied and have very nice strength. We love how his daughter, Katerina, crossed with Henning. We will be doing more of that in the future. 

First freshening daughters

Sammy Jo Picture Courtesy of Liberty Ridge Lamanchas

Age one